New German Cinema: A History [1st ed.]

Thomas Elsaesser

Rutgers University Press / Macmillan, 430pp

The simultaneous international success in the 1970s of such film-makers as Fassbinder, Herzog and Wenders led critics to talk of a 'New German Cinema'. Thomas Elsaesser's book is the most comprehensive and illuminating study yet produced of this major movement in world cinema.


1. Film Industry - Film Subsidy


2. The Old, the Young and the New: Commerce, Art Cinema and Autorenfilm?


3. The Author in the Film: Self-expression as Self-representation


4. In Search of the Spectator 1: From Oberhausen to Genre Films?


5. In Search of the Spectator 2: Cinema of Experience


6. In Search of the Spectator 3: Minority Views


7. The New German Cinema's Germany


8. Returning Home to History


9. National or International Cinema?


10. Conclusion